NAUSICAA – the Defender of Wussies

I was creating a story.  This story unfortunately had a primary female character who was strong both physically and mentally.  She has a lot to defend.  There are some vulnerability, but one has to get past the thorns… er… strengths first.  Then I created a scenario where the woman met the man.  Now, the beginning was that the man was relatively “passionate.”  And by that, I mean volatile.  He jumps in where angels fear to tread or something like that.  The problem is… because they were an offshoot from some relatively erotic fan fic…(yikes!) I didn’t get to their story until later…  When I wasn’t feeling all that well.  The guy turned into a wuss.  In the face of the female protagonist, the character I had was just too wussy. 
Because I’m that kind of person, I spoke about it to the kid that happens to live with me.  I definitely used the word wuss.  I even clarified what I thought wuss was like.  I said the man had no backbone.  The man was too retiring and weak! The words “What should I do?” keeps cropping up from the man.  And his sister was the one that runs to his defense?  Aarrrgh!  Wuss… seriously. 
Here I am, bashing the character that I made… I did say he was a fictional character.  I said he was created by me.  Oh, my effing gawd!!!!! And I was met by Jeanne D’Arc (Nausicaa, instead, it was requested).   The kiddo said not to use such mean words when describing another person.  The kiddo does not want to hear those kind of negative words about someone else!  Did it seem as if I was bullying the guy?  I just wanted him to have a little more backbone.
Aaaargh!  What the hell was I raising?  I was hoping that the kiddo would be someone who would be a little meaner!  Someone who bashes heads in first and ask questions later!  Someone like warlike Artemis or Athena!  Kali! Yes, that one! Nope.  I’ve been raising the defender of all things wussies.  I have brought into the nest an alien creature that I now wish I had messed up a little more.  Why did I teach this kiddo to be nice?  And to defend those who cannot defend themselves?  What the hell was I thinking?  One day soon, this defender of all things wussies is going to go out in the world where big bad people eat wussies and those that defend them get eaten along with them.  Lord, help me!  It was cute when the kiddo was 6.  Now that the kiddo is about to turn adult… Ewww.  I know what the hell I’m going to be looking forward to.  A whole stream of strays.  Those that are too weak to defend themselves.  Aaargh!  Even fictional wussies are apparently worth defending… I’ve created a softie monster.  I will have to recruit a gaggle of defenders for the reincarnation of Nausicaa.  Or is it Buddha?  Maybe Gandhi… (Aah!  I really should have stayed with Robin Hood or Jeanne D’Arc.)  The child has too much compassion.  While nice for those that are the recipient of such compassion, not so great when I’m the one that created the wuss and now have to face such a disgruntled defender of even fictional wusses. 
Sigh…. I have no clue how to undo a whole lifetime of messages that it’s okay to defend wussies.  I should have said, if they can’t stand on their own, leave them to their own defenses.  It’s the law of the jungle.  Live and let live.  Should have taught the kiddo to stomp down on people.  Should have taught the kiddo to kick a man when he’s down or a woman.  Whichever was on the floor at the moment.
But this defense of a weak man in my imagination and only exists on paper.. er…ipod notes… eeeks…  seriously? 
I have since built up the man’s character.  He has been given a sense of humor and a sense of himself. And a likely explanation for his temporary insanity during that first meeting. I have also given him a brain.  Sometimes illogical, but definitely entertaining.  And I’ve given him muscles… At least enough to carry the woman from various conveyance and bedrooms.  🙂
As for my adventures with Nausicaa of the Valley of the… Wine? (we just happen to live in the middle of vineyards and wineries are short drives from our house on 8 mile :-)… I wonder how Eminem is doing? LOL!), that’s continuing.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I will title that series Nausicaa reincarnated.  The defender of all things wussy and catcher of all things stray.  Especially naked men called Odysseus.  Ugh!  Hmmm… Nausicaa… I should give her a happy ending… because from what I’ve read, Nausicaa fell in love with Odysseus, but he left to meet up with his son and wife.  Geez.  So much for defending and taking in strays.  I hope the kiddo read through that story.  Defenders often get left behind. The kiddo does not want to know the story, I have been told.


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