KPOP and Me – Block B


I have been meaning to write about them for sometime, but I was too busy enjoying their music. I first discovered them from Weekly Idol show. And decided to check out their song. It was catchy. The title is on this picture above. Don’t ask me to name them. The only one I have confidence in pin pointing is Taeil and Zico. One reminds me of the Zico  Coconut Water and the other I liked because of the glasses which makes him look like an adorable, mischievous nerd.
Research says they are true bad boys of the entertainment industry. Rambunctious boys with no courtesy. Yes, they apologized for their insensitive remarks. And they’ve settled their litigations. Despite the mistakes they make while living on this earth, what makes them fascinating is their music. I’ve listened to Nalili Mambo, Nalina, and Very, very Good. They are powerful hip hop songs, but this one song makes me admire the composer and lyricist.
Be the Light. It’s not hip hop, it’s easily a fast paced ballad. The words are catchy and burgeoning with feelings. The prose makes it worthwhile to watch the translated version. From what I’ve read, Zico made this song. I cannot wait to hear more of what this group of seven boys offer. Just so you know, I’ll be keeping tabs on what Zico produces. All seven members are supposed to be talented in writing their own songs. At least, they were trained to be. So, one of these days, I hope to hear what all 7 come up with. So far, for my tastes, the four songs mentioned are the ones that are worth listening to.


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