Pot of Soup

*** For Lani Agsalda
Had always heard of it,
I knew how to make it.
It’s an old old recipe
From many many seas…
You hear about it
In the midst of Hawaii…
By the grace of God
I met you and loved you
And was loved by you…
Knowing how I was sick,
You came with a large pot
Of hot chicken long rice
On a night I was about to give up
On cooking dinner…
The chicken broth was nice and light,
Infused with loving ginger.
Onions, some green, some white…
Black pepper and salt all in there.
Shredded roasted chicken here…
Let’s not forget the mung bean threads
Glistening, tempting, cajoling…
The ‘Long Rice’ in the soup is this…
Two days of love I feasted on
Two days of grace…
So this is my thanks, my friend…
I’m glad  to have met you,
I’m happy to have you in my life…
I never knew a pot of soup
Would make me feel well loved…

RhB 201402091048A


Photo courtesy of tastyislandhawaii.com


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