KPop and me – Jung Joon Young & 2 days 1 night


I’ve heard of this show, but I’ve never really gotten into it. Until the discovery of Jung Joon Young. Season three of this reality, comedic show of six men going for an overnight trip all over South Korea and playing games to win shelter and food is interesting. It’s funny as all hell. I haven’t stopped laughing and I look forward to each DramaFever episode uploaded and subbed. Along with Jung Joon Young, Defconn, Kim Joo Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jun Ho and last Kim Jong Min go along for the ride. The reality show is directed mostly by the games and challenges the staff and directors come up with. The rest is up to the six men. In this, I’ve noticed that despite being the youngest, Jung Joon Young holds his own. Not the strongest, but he’s pretty smart. People will say his comments make him look a little stupid and funny, but that’s all of us on any given day. He’s still young and sometimes something that should make sense to someone older doesn’t make sense to him. But, from the first episode where he basically conspired to fool the other three inside the truck, he has been someone to watch.


That the other three were fooled was not why I thought there was more to this rock head than I first thought. The fact that he picked up the walkie talkie, thought of imitating the PD, and figured it would fly was astounding! When Kim Jun Ho asked how the people knew who they were considering they were on a rickety, hella old truck, he answered “Sticker.” He noticed that?
Now it’s not all about him, this is true. And the other cast members all pile in the laughs, but he never ceases to surprise. Possibly because you don’t expect this level of thinking for one so young or random.


This one made me smile. He didn’t want to do it, but if he had to, he was going to ask for something on top of what they were already getting, sleeping bags. He asked for another chance at another game later on. And he laid himself down into the freezing ocean to the music of November Rain by Guns n Roses.


In the same episode, they were required to eat ALL the food in all the courses given. Jung Joon Young couldn’t finish everything, so he gamely and sometimes with a flash of his rock spirit flair coerced the other people helping to waste their time into helping him eat the courses. He’s fast in thinking on his feet, at least.

The ice ridge climbing episode gave me a flash of his stubbornness that most likely was the reason he set out on his own at 17yoa. But that same episode part 2 had me confirming my suspicions and the main director’s. The child was incredibly observant. They were playing games to win dinner at 1 AM. If they win the game, they get the items on the receipt pieces (the PD cut it into five pieces) they pick. If they lose, they pick the receipt and give the items to the crew. After many games, the grocery list was way down. The director gave them one more chance at getting a package of meat, but he was going to cut the last receipt in two. They won the game, thanks to Jung Joon Young. He was asked to pick. He spent a long time picking between those two pieces of paper. He picked the one he wanted and the six men had enough for dinner at 3AM including the pack of meat which was at the bottom of the list.
The director asked, “I won’t make trouble, but Joon Young, what did you do?”
He looked at the director and said, “You cut it, right? You cut the top part smaller than the bottom.”
I was in awe!!!!! He noticed that small millimeter’s difference? And that, folks, made the difference in the food they feasted on.
The very last episode uploaded was about the all men’s trip. It looks like they will have to brave the sea in a small fishing boat. But the opening had me laughing.  His strategy worked really well to have all the members ganging up one by one against each other so he can win. And he ate lunch with the two tight team members he had picked at the beginning of the episode, Defconn and Cha Tae Hyun.  And we thought Kim Jun Ho was going to be the master strategist. I can’t wait to see the rest of what this season brings and any more insights into this boy’s character!



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