Can a person who was sick get sick again?

For heaven’s sake, enough already! As you can tell, I hate being sick. No one will take care of me, not anymore. So, please, please God, don’t allow the germs to enter here and linger. I’m tired of running noses and aching necks. Of fevers too low to count, but saps you anyway and let your eyes burn in their sockets. I’m tired of the drill they push in my head just beneath the surface of my temple beneath my eye sockets. And the discomfort, Lord, of not being able to breathe! I’m drowning in my sleep! Where is the Vicks? And the Halls? And the garlic in the apple cider vinegar?
The memories of long ago fevers recall the lack of alcohol had my parents wiping me down with a coconut water vinegar. It is a comforting smell now. But not for those that live with me. Ah well! I’ll hie myself to the tub and I’ll slowly drown myself in a tub of Apple Cider vinegar. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow. That is, if the other sick person next to me would stop hacking and coughing. That one should also drown in Apple Cider vinegar. They will feel better if they did. And so would I, dammit!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired…


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