Soul Mates

**** This is a two part poem. But one is in English and the other in Ilocano. They are not translations of each other. I just happened to think in both languages when the muse struck. *****

When your soul calls out to mine
And my soul calls out to yours…
Will we be happy then?
When your eyes meet mine…
Will you be at peace?
When our hands touch
And you feel our hearts beating
One against the other…
When your lips touch mine…
What separates us then?
When one soul finally meets
The other that makes it whole…
Is it you?  I have waited too long…
Come now… Let the bleak night
Lend its shroud to the unspoken
You and I…
We have been here before…

RhB 1311060924A

****This is in Ilocano****


Kuna da nga adda
Singin ti kararwa
Apay nga awan ka
Apay nga ag maymaysa
Nu dapat a duwwa ta?
Kasatnu ka a sapulen kuma
Idtoy nagdakkelan a lubong?
Kasatnu ta nga agkita
Nu awan ka met idtoy ayan ko?
Ay, biag to biag ko!
Nu napugsat tun ti biag ta
Ket adda tan tun diay langit
Diay tan tun nga agkitan…
Ngem inganat sibib-biag tapay,
Ag-ayat ka, ag-biag ka,
Ag-ragsak ka idtoy lubong.
Lagipen nak tu, singin to kararwak…
Lagipen nak tu…

RhB 1311060930A


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