I lost a ring tonight
While you put up a fight
On the hospital bed
That people surrounded
They said it may be
Your last night….

Beside me stood a person so slight
A puff of wind could blow her away
Never to see another day
She once was young and lithe
As you were once young and bright…

The waning of this transient life
Becomes a struggle rife
To breathe and live again
This is no sin…

I lost a ring…
I may lose you, too…
In the next breath
I may be gone…
I may go with you
In a cloud of smoke
Like the one he puffed
When we awoke
After the bed felt rough
Against sensitive skin
That glistened in the wind
And glittered like sand…

Don’t misunderstand…
I know full well
Even love wanes….
There is still the shell….
And sometimes…even I…
Go slightly insane…
This is a breathed sigh…

I am relieved to know
That the people go on
Like the boundless snow
And the unending ocean.
In our transiency, I think
You and I are always on the brink
Of being discovered
And being recovered…
And being…

I have not sinned…

RhB 1401090138P

For one that left and those that stayed behind


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