KPop and me – Jung Joon Young


This newly discovered singer (for me) isn’t like anyone I’ve heard in the world of KPOP. The reason is because he’s a rock singer. And so good at it! But when I first listened to his song SPOTLESS MIND the English translation wasn’t there. It was only the music. But his voice was incredibly powerful to listen to! Lim Jaebum’s voice crossed with Kim Jaejoong’s is the best I can come up with. (CONFESSION/GO HAE & JUST ANOTHER GIRL)

He reminds me of Bruce Springsteen. I can hear this boy singing GLORY DAYS, BORN IN THE USA, and I’M ON FIRE. And just a bit like John Cougar Mellencamp. Especially Joon Young’s song REALLY? The voice reminds me of Mellencamp’s SMALL TOWN.
I’m hoping Korea is ready for rock stars like him. They seem to be, so I hope to hear more from this talented boy. The whole of Asia should be ready for this kind of singing. It’s incredibly captivating!

Ah! And so are his eyes. They remind me of elf eyes. They are mesmerizing.


I did mention he’s a rocker, right? He plays guitar.
And he’s a songwriter as well. I’m assuming he wrote the songs for his album. I will let you know what I find out. He’s relatively new to the scene.

Note: These pictures are from video capture from YouTube. The video is SPOTLESS MIND.


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