Trying something NEW

Thinking of many things, I tried something new for dinner. I have often found that in experimentation, my culinary genius seem to surface.

I have often watched many a Korean show where a small piece of beef was wrapped in a huge piece of lettuce leaf and devoured. I was cooking steak anyway, so I decided to experiment. Red leaf lettuce, my first batch of kimchee, a bowl of brown rice and some cilantro. Probably not quite how they do it in Korea, but good enough for an impromptu experiment. Taking a small slice of beef, I tear off a piece of lettuce leaf and place the meat in the middle. I put a slice of cabbage kimchee on top and a sprig of cilantro. Not bad. But my thought was, “Why not just place the dratted piece of meat on hot rice and devour it like that?” I happened to be eating opposite the food critic and part time philosopher who immediately tried it the way I was doing it.
“It’s different,” she says. “Perhaps, it’s because they don’t have a lot of meat in South Korea, so to make a small piece stretch, they wrap it in a huge leaf.”
“But that drowns the flavor of the steak,” I argue. “However, it’s not too bad.”
We continue eating this way. And I can definitely say that the unique flavor becomes rather familiar. You can make it into a steak salad, but this seems more fun. Wrapping steak in red leaf lettuce and adding kimchee and cilantro sprigs. The rice is ingested after each bite. There is one thing I do think might be missing from my menu. A bottle of soju and some interesting dipping sauce. I wonder if Patron would be a good substitute and could the peanut sauce for chicken satay clash with this dish? Ah! I’m mixing up countries. Chicken satay is from Thailand, right? I’ll have to see what I come up with. I ended up devouring my piece of steak this weird Korean way. Perhaps next time, I’ll have figured out some unique dipping sauce for it. Maybe calamondin juice, tequila, and some nouc nam with slices of bird chili floating in it.


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