Kimchee Fried Rice


For whatever reason, Kimchee smells so delicious when fried specially in this way. The older and spicier the Kimchee, the better it seems. This is actually a dry omurice. The egg blanket over the Kimchee Fried Rice is extra. The kiddo likes sunny side up “honey eggs” with it instead of scrambled. Saturday mornings, the family seem to like smelling this. Perhaps it’s the sugar or the garlic, but whatever it is, it tastes heavenly. It’s not as spicy as when you eat it out of the jar, nor is it as sour. I thank you, Korea, for bringing this delicacy into my life.

Ingredients needed are old rice, ham, Kimchee, crushed garlic, oil, sesame seed oil, furikake, a dash of garlic salt, and a dash of ground black pepper. Eggs are optional.

You guys know what to do next, right?


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