I heard the news today
And saw the pictures
Mon Dieu!  Mon Coeur…
Appuen like a harpoon
Through the core of me
When your lips touched…
I have hated paintings
Of kisses since
Aishiteru… bloody stupid
Amour pour toi.
Hidden a la mode
On the pie faced lady
C’est moi.
Appuen sarang
With distances cheorom l’eau
Mamuel and all that
Histoire and culture’s what?
Tu sao hanguk, siak Anglais
Rudimentary in thought
In distances tres dakkel
Between toi et moi?
Voulez vous danse avec moi?
A toi, je suis encroyable drawn…
Le internet, my only via et calle
To meet avec toi
La Español guitara… in verse
In thought… avec mon Coeur
I have become lolo
Je t’aime ….figment
Nae Gwisin…
Franca lingua
Not established
Twixt you et mou
Agape mou?!
Toi, byori magnifique
Moi, e pluribus unum
Ani…. worst than
Moi…. ajik….
Should just wish you well…

RhB 1401031022P

Para kenni LJH 🙂


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