JYJ and Government conspiracy

*****Disclaimer: This conspiracy theory is not based on fact. It’s pure speculation. This doesn’t take into consideration the boys’ suffering or anything else. It is pure conjecture on my part. So, Cassies out there and fans of JYJ, don’t hate me! ****

What if back in 2009 something else was happening in the world of South Korea and KPop? Lets face it, with the news that the SK government is taking steps to claim KPop as part of their GDP, my weird mind went here.

If you recall, 2009 DBSK was at the height of their popularity. They were hailed as the front men of the Hallyu wave. Lawsuits against the conglomerates were unheard of. South Korea was also facing a depressed outlook in their economy. While it was a global recession, the effects on South Korea was more palpable. It’s a small country, dependent on foreign products, needing more recognition in the broader world, with a neighbor/family that could obliterate it and the global world would not really care. Most people will ask, “Where the eff is South Korea? Is that near Timbuktu?” Politicians would probably say something, but the greater population probably won’t care.

The one thing the was going for them was their bands of pretty boys and girls who were becoming known in the greater part of Asia. However, the movers and shakers of world opinions are oceans and landmasses away in the Americas and Europe. South Korean masterminds probably thought, “We need some kind of presence there!”

Here, in the US, mobile internet was fast exploding. But the download times of internet content was much slower. With the advent of high speed internet, the counties of the world were mouse clicks away. Teenagers and teeny boppers were allowed to have cellphones now. It wasn’t seen as something too luxurious anymore. It became necessity. High speed internet also became less pricey, allowing middle class people to explore the world at their fingertips.

The trends seem to converge quite nicely. KPop and the western world are about to collide. The thing is… For it to be widely received, there has to be a story told. Westerners love stories. We all know that. And the best kind of stories we like? Correct! The underdog story.

SM Entertainment just happened to have a band so big and so perfect, they could definitely fit the bill. Talented and perfect, the band would definitely garner attention all around the world. The government looked at the biggest company and SM was it. They struck a deal. Give us a story, make the South Korean government into a hero, your company will benefit. The scenario was perfected.

Despite everything you see, remember that idols are also actors in a huge stage. The acting isn’t a separate persona, it’s part of the packaging. Therefore, the five, in my estimation, were probably all taken together and were told, for your country, we are going to split you guys. And because their roles are much harder, we want the three best singers to strike out on their own. You three will be vilified, ostracized, probably blacklisted, heck we will make it so that you are. But we promise that we will provide a safety net. Your mission is to make South Korea known to the western world. That’s it. We want people in the Americas and Europe to know about South Korean talent, lifestyle, history, culture. Your life and those of your progeny depends on it.

So, Changmin and Yunho stayed behind and Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu filed a lawsuit. Jaejoong was an incredible tragic Hero, wasn’t he? (Yes, yes! It’s a play on his name.) The boys all played their parts, right down to the twitter debacle and the response of the other two plus their parents. JYJ was given the chance to go to the US and sing songs with Kanye West. Their mission wasn’t to conquer US Billboards. It was to get South Koreans known in the entertainment business.

The government got involved by the use of the Justice system. I bet you, a lot of entertainment agencies started looking at their contracts and started quietly changing them at that point. The government looks good and fast forward to 2013, you now have Western stars promoting KPop stars and vice versa. Hell, you even have international wannabes auditioning to be a KPop star.

You could think this is preposterous. Let’s look at some things. Arguably, the three that formed JYJ were the best singers of the five. (Perhaps this is my opinion only, but okay.) PopsAsia introduced JYJ in one of their programs as THE group that spread KPOP to the world. SM could have just let the boys go because there are so many more trainees out there. They could have split the five but still allowed them to remain in the company. I mean think about what they have done with SuJu. They let their three best singers stop all promotions to make an example of them? To say that the three didn’t understand what the were getting into… Yeah right. They knew.

And think about the JYJ agency. This company was formed exclusively around JYJ. C-Jes Entertainment’s sole role was to promote the three boys overseas. They are effectively banned from local promotions so that they HAVE to promote worldwide. The only exception seems to be dramas and musicals. Huh. SM is a huge conglomerate who I’m sure has friends in the drama and musicals community, they couldn’t block these upstarts from acting? If you read about the chaebol world, (The Heirs gives us a glimpse) they are a small pool of people who play together, meet together, work together, marry into each other’s family… Asking a ‘favor’ would not have been unprecedented.

Someone powerful is also backing JYJ. C-Jes is a front. JYJ are often prompted as ambassadors for South Korea. Political leaders from other countries ask for them by name. What? Political leaders know JYJ and KPop? KPOP is targeted mainly for younger people. Why in heaven’s name would political leaders know JYJ? There is more to the story than is being let out.

When I first started thinking about this, I wondered what would make a government go to a company and conspire together. I voice out this question and the person answered, government’s do not conspire for money. It’s not money. They conspire for power and recognition. Bingo!

South Korea needed to be known to the larger world. They needed to be known to be able to play in the high stakes game of trade. Not only that, being known to the world, they can now lay the ground rules to go against North Korea who stands ready to take over their small part. Think about it. The citizens of the world would be in arms against threats to their favorite KPop groups. It’s not only the politicians now that knows of South Korea, but the world citizenry. The cleaned up acts of these idols and stars are also their selling point. We, as people, tend to equate ALL people from a certain country by the images we sell on the internet, the TV and movies. South Korean idols are sold as pure, handsome, pretty, undefiled, very polite, very hard working people with limitless talents! This is the image that all of South Korea has tried to publish. And it works. For the most part. There are people who don’t buy it.

JYJ, for all their reputation of being the instigator of a change in the KPop industry, of being the bad boys, are certainly garnering lucrative deals. Not bad for an upstart company who isn’t afraid to claim JYJ as their major source of income. Their statements of it being twice as hard to get the boys the exposure needed, the deals, the engagements, the fan meetings… Their CEO would have known how hard it will be. He is no stranger to scandal or the justice system. Why pour so much money into this group? The canceled shows where they basically gave back the money and still performed… JYJ for their part was told to start back from scratch. The long grueling hours of practice, the acting lessons again, the compositions, the dances… They were already at the top of their game… And they willingly traded a gilded cage for one with seemingly no walls. It’s still a cage, it’s just now called a zoo. Huh.

So from 2010 to now, JYJ had made names for themselves despite the notoriety. That left Yunho and Changmin. It took them a while, didn’t it? Wasn’t it a two year hiatus? For the best SM had to offer, these two guys took an awful long time to be back into the groove. Either the two needed two years to train to be as good as JYJ or SM said, “Wait for the three to achieve their goal first.” I think that either SM or the government said “Wait.” Dance machine U-Know Yunho and cool voiced Changmin needing two years to train? I really don’t think so.

Think about it. Yunho said that if DBSK split, he would, as their leader gather them back up to start together. He hasn’t done that. Why? Probably because he knows they all play a much larger role for the sake of their country. In 2008 (couple talk), they always said that they hope to always be the same, to remain always together. I think they were already told their roles back then. And they knew being together as five would be impossible from a certain point onwards. That first year was probably incredibly difficult for all of them. The rumors and the speculation, the hatred, the chants of traitors… It doesn’t matter if it was done for the greater good, it would have hurt them emotionally. They are still human beings unequipped for lives lived in conspiracy. JYJ still purports to be part of DBSK. And they are. They always have been. The years after became easier, I think. Especially when TVXQ started performing again.

SM finally released JYJ from their contracts in 2012. One or two years before any of the boys’ contracts would have ended. And it basically said, it’s a draw. A stalemate. SM said they see no more reason to pay for JYJ as they seem to have no more wish to be part of DBSK. Really? It only took them 3 years to come up with that? Has SM been paying for JYJ? If it has, then C-Jes was being incubated until it can stand on its own? The music industry in South Korea is small. Everyone knows everyone. They know who the players are. They know the pawns and the knights and the people who move them around. It’s incredibly difficult for me to see C-Jes succeeding against SM unless someone more powerful than SM backs C-Jes. Difficult, they say. But it hasn’t been too difficult, it seems. Not if the boys are affording homes, expensive cars, and yachts, plus capitals for businesses.

While everything placed here is mere speculation, can anyone think of why this group of seemingly close men suddenly stand as two groups instead of one? And two very successful groups at that. And they also knew that they would all do well. Yunho said that Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yuchun were all talented friends. He had no doubt that they will be okay. Jaejoong was also proud of the fact that TVXQ started doing activities again. He was sure that the two would carry the name well.

So,now, the greater world knows of South Korea and its evil brother North Korea. KPop is doing what its supposed to do. They are all playing their parts in the stage. Yunho’s contract ends this year. He’s set to join the military. The three JYJ boys are also slotted to join. When they come back, what kind of story will they present? Will the government allow them to go back to being ordinary citizens? Will they come back into the unforgiving world of entertainment? Whatever these boys do, they’ve done enough. They’ll be amply compensated if not already.

I’ll end it here. God knows what other tangents I might find.


9 thoughts on “JYJ and Government conspiracy

  1. Highly imaginative. That’s how this theory sounds. But NOT completely devoid of Logic.

    IF true, whoever came up with the idea that KPop could be used as a possible security blanket for the ROK would have to have been Very far-sighted , almost clairvoyant . Reminds me of ” Now You See Me ” . To be able to look so far into the future , that you see 20 years ahead.

    They’ve managed to capture the attention and devotion of the young generation worldwide. And when i say ” young ” , i include people till the age of 35 , the ones who would’ve been in their teens and early twenties when DBSK debuted , the advent of the KPop wave.

    The young who are and will be taking over the reigns of their respective countries . So if anything were to happen to jeopardise the safety of the ROK in the future, the people protesting would be the people who matter , people who Would be able to bring about change.

    Surely the older part of the world populations would sympathise, but won’t really be able to do much.

    Most KPop fans are more devoted than highly worshipped patriots, irrespective of nationality.

    • Thank You!!! Thanks for reading. It’s the muse. The thing about conspiracies is that it usually takes more than one mind. So… The possibility is there. We can come up with more? But I think I’ll leave the plotting of the ROK and its chaebols for now. They’ve giving me a headache.

  2. what a great imagintaion

    well no one knows what truly happen.

    you forget about something.
    western already have amount artist full of controversy. so why they bother such artist from asia?
    DBSK case is like cracking all the KPOP rules. maybe you right. that goverment look good to investigate thing. but please remember, this also shown the unfair treatment for korean itself.

    i would say “what a bad person. they cann’t fair to their own family”

    good image? i guess not.

    and about why JYJ can promote by drama and a thing is because SM is nothing in that world
    yes, SM have connection. but it doesnt mean nothing

    all produser might think it’s okay not use SM artist because they are a lot famous artist with great acting not coming from SM. so SM can not shaking that world. SM only have few actress. the most famous probbly yoona and siwon. the rest is average.

    also JYJ have more selling point that average SM artist. thanks to the cassiopea.

    and dont forget about people power to. JYJ and CJS can survive also because their loyal fan.

    but nice thought.

    • The appeal of the story is the underdogs. When a story is… Staged right, they appeal to Western…er…American go-getter mentality. We, Americans like the underdogs fighting for Justice, etc, etc.
      The story is the background. The goal is recognition of South Korea. Before Gangnam style, did the rest of the world know South Korea? Not really, unless you’re a nerd. But those who have been immersed in J-Pop did. They learned through K-pop artists. And YouTube.
      Yeah, have no clue. However, just a lot of questions certainly crop up.
      And that’s the reason why they could do that, if they did that. Cassies. However, for all their powers, Cassies could not hold the five together. And that’s fact not speculation.
      SM is a big chaebol corporation. If they wanted, JYJ would have no place to run. How has it stayed? Money. It greases all cogs of a working machine. With that kind of money, you really think they couldn’t block JYJ? They could have. Especially since they’re depicted as powerful enough to stop JYJ from appearing in music shows and Variety shows. If that’s not power, then what? Drama, that also depends on the broadcasting agencies, right? So why can JYJ do drama, but not Variety? It’s the same broadcasting network, right?
      I do believe that without Cassies to support them, JYJ and TVX2 would be just another old boy band long gone. Talent or otherwise, these five men are lucky they have Cassies on their side willing to overlook all the weird coincidences and incongruence.
      Thanks for reading.
      If you noticed, they haven’t done their service YET! Are they waiting for an injunction on their behalf? Perhaps for all men in the entertainment business? I don’t know. I wish more than once that someone would find out what happened between closed doors back then.

      • Ah military service?

        Waiting for their pict in military uniform.
        I mean real one.

        Well. Im not saying that SM can’t.

        But. I will say that it hard to block JYJ in drama. Because drama is bigger world than kpop. SM doesnt have that much power to do that. Since their actress not ruling the drama world.

        Produser also buisnesman. I’m sure they will choose what profitable to them. And like i say. JYJ have more selling point. So they choose to let JYJ. Rather than blocking them

    • Ah military service?

      Waiting for their pict in military uniform.
      I mean real one.

      Well. Im not saying that SM can’t.

      But. I will say that it hard to block JYJ in drama. Because drama is bigger world than kpop. SM doesnt have that much power to do that. Since their actress not ruling the drama world.

      Produser also buisnesman. I’m sure they will choose what profitable to them. And like i say. JYJ have more selling point. So they choose to let JYJ. Rather than blocking them

      • I really don’t think so. If SM has as much power as they’ve portrayed, then it’s possible. Drama, K-Pop is all in the same genre. Entertainment. And they need the networks to be able to do that. I love Kim Jaejoong to bits, but immediately after SM, he doesn’t know how to act. He’s gotten loads better, but he wasn’t an actor. He was/IS a phenomenal singer. So, in truth, drama wasn’t even a “thing” for Jaejoong to follow. He did, though, and that’s wonderful. But I think that if SM had really thrown those three away, they would not be able to stand on a stage at all. If we believe the have the power to keep JYJ from entertainment shows, then they could basically ensure that JYJ become business men instead. And unless JYJ went elsewhere first and become lucrative, Korea would not be their playground.

    • I see

      That is your opinion. I cant say you right or wrong.

      So let end this here before i misinterpret something because my lack languages

      I thing jj still searching his thing. But he and two other doing well though. Maybe he miss his leader so he look confused.

      I dont really like his rock (although he has good stuff, since i adore ballad song). but it kinda refreshing during this hallyu thing.

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