I feel lazy… The sun streams through the window in watery rivulets of warmth, but it doesn’t pierce the seeping cold. The palm trees sway against a playful breeze and the heron dunks his head into the water of this dank levee. The past week has been exhausting and a little worrisome. The holidays are always hectic. Nevermore so than now. One more round of spending for New Year. The requisite 13 round fruits necessary for New Year’s luck will only be oranges this year. 13 bright golden oranges. I don’t want to be up from my cozy, if albeit messy, bed. But the stench of sweat and flesh compels me to shake off the doldrums. I should at least eat.

The cavernous refrigerator yields nothing interesting. It is packed full with the leavings of Christmas Eve’s and Christmas day’s extravaganzas. A ham, already sliced from its juicy bones, servings of kalua pork, oodles of stir fried noodles, desserts galore! But nothing seems appetizing. There’s my first attempt at kimchi. And cold, cold rice. Oooh! Kimchee fried rice!

But seriously? That’s too much work. The garlic and the frying… Delicious smell! Ah, but no. Seriously, I’m lazy today. A hot shower, I think and another Shin bowl with kimchee from the store, some dried mushrooms, and shrimp. A little sesame seed oil to anoint it all. And the ubiquitous microwave to make it all happen. I’m waiting for someone to come home. The house is too silent.

I munch on chocolate covered almonds. Seriously, there is nothing to do. Dramafever stopped working. Maybe it’s my internet connection. Ah, well. Let’s play candy crush instead. I really should have gone to work. After lunch, I’ll take a nap. Maybe she’ll call me then to pick her up. And she can take care of the stuff that piled up while she was gone. Did she remember about today? That I’d be waiting? I hope so.

Tomorrow, I have to get up, go to the bank, pay the credit card something, go shopping for food and drink… And maybe I can find the phone. It’s lost in this bed that smells like you. Ah, I have to do laundry. I have no underwear left. Then what’s the use of taking a shower then?

My stomach makes a gurgling sound. I really need to get up. It’s almost two and you’ll be calling soon. I am afraid, I haven’t done a thing. You see, I’ve been lazy today.


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