Rating DBSK


My journey through KPop has taken me backwards, I think. However, having discovered DBSK, I should rate the five. In my limited opinion, DBSK as five was phenomenal! Their combined voices resonated well together. But since 2009, they’ve split and formed two groups. The lawsuit stuff will be addressed at a later post. There are still many things I have to read through and mull over. TVXQ are two men, Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho. JYJ consists of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu. DBSK and TVXQ mean the same – Dong Bang Shin Ki or Tong Vfang Xien Qi still means Gods Rising from the East. However, for my sanity, DBSK refers to the five and TVXQ refers to the two current members.

This is about the five of them.

In terms of vocals, SM was quite correct in making Jaejoong the group’s lead vocalist. Watching him sing is incredibly breathtaking. He sings with his whole body! The next person whose voice I can listen to for hours (HOURS!) is Micky Yuchun. He, too, sings with passion. Next is Junsu. His high registers are pretty well known. (Please remember, this is my opinion.) He, too, is very competent in singing. He also infuses his singing with feelings. Changmin’s voice has a nice range. With both low and high registers, it is versatile. However, it lacks the passion, the sincerity that sets the other three apart. Perhaps he needs to fall in love and have his heart broken. đŸ˜‰ And last is Yunho. Yunho’s voice alone, FOR ME, is relatively unremarkable. There is nothing there that no-one in KPop cannot duplicate. When he allows his emotions to come through, maybe the dynamics will change. However, within the five, it works.

In terms of dancing, Yunho does incredibly well. Junsu is second if not tied with Yunho.

In terms of looks… oh boy… the prettiest is obviously Jaejoong, however, I can’t quite bring myself to give the crown completely to him. The reason I say this is because Yuchun also makes me gasp at his prettiness. Don’t get me wrong. The five men are obviously all very good looking. When I say pretty, I mean women would envy their looks. Of the five, I would look twice at Jaejoong and Yuchun if I passed them on the street. Ah, hell, I’d ogle them!

The one that men would envy is Yunho. Next would be Changmin. Yes! I THINK Changmin is masculine! If only SM would quit pairing the two as if there is any carnal love between TVXQ! I think the two boys can very well do without it. Fly rumors of Changmin having a girl on his arm for heaven’s sake! And the last one on this list is Yuchun. I know, I know! I said he’s pretty, too. But that’s Micky Yuchun, for you. He straddles that fence quite nicely. Junsu is also masculine, I think, but not one that men would envy. I think, he’s the kind of person women would take home to their parents.

Which comes to the next list. Who would I be able to take home to my parents? Yunho is out. My father would think he’s a bad guy. He gives out the arrogance of a man used to having things his way, a definite leader. But one who would intimidate my Dad, for sure. So unless I was totally in love with the boy, he wouldn’t be someone I could comfortably introduce to Daddy. Daddy might bring out his guns. Jung Yunho looks like a definite bad boy.

The men Daddy may approve of are, Junsu, Yuchun, and Changmin in that order. If I was Daddy, these are the men I would probably vet. Junsu’s ready smile, mild manners, and sweet temperament would disarm Daddy. Yuchun’s smiling eyes, even temperament, intelligence and sense of humor would win over Daddy. Changmin’s charm and personality would probably let Daddy’s guard down. These are men who are no threat to his authority.
Jaejoong is a different matter. Though all five are polite, all have great manners, the problem with Jaejoongie is that he is too pretty. Daddy might think that he is incapable of protecting his darling daughter. Or that because of Jaejoong’s face, darling girl may face hardships when it comes to extramarital affairs or even the suspicion of it.

And the list for who a woman might like to have as a Boyfriend. Yunho! His looks, his protectiveness, his manners, his attentiveness, his arrogance… Ah yeah! Boyfriend, definitely boyfriend.

As a husband, Junsu or Yuchun.Their mild temperaments and sense of humor would alleviate a lot of the tensions that marriage brings.

Why would I put Yunho as BF and someone else as husband? Simple, you do not have to live with a boyfriend. Yunho would need a subservient wife. One willing to stay in the shadows. A person with a strong personality will always be fighting with him. So if Yunho’s wife has a strong personality, there will be a lot of yelling and perhaps broken dishes. My advice for that person, lay out the ground rules first. When the argument escalates, before it gets worse, one has to leave the scene.

Arm candy… Any of them. But Jaejoong and Yunho in a suit would have a lot of women envying you.

Who would do well as sexy model for your art class that is doing nudes? Jaejoong, Changmin, Yuchun. The muscles! The abs! Of the five, these three are the most confident with their naked bodies.

As five, my most favorite song is “Why Did I Fall For You?” Japanese song. It is this song that led me to discover the boys. The 2008 A-nation concert. I could not take my eyes off of Jaejoong! In the MV, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Yuchun!

Is there more? I’ll update when I figure more out.


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