YunJae – Why It Is Enough Already


I have read and watched so much of the two, it’s almost a disease! Probably  because they seem to be so in love. It didn’t have the nuances of fan service. And it seemed as if they genuinely loved each other. And possibly had carnal knowledge of each other. I can dismiss HoMin, JaeChun, YunMin, JaeMin, etc… But I can’t seriously dismiss YunJae. There is another pair in DBSK that I can’t readily dismiss, but that’s a different thread.

However, DBSK has not been together since 2009. Coincidences since cannot be proof. Similar clothing, jewelry and such. Those can be bought. So what if their tastes are similar. Pictures of Jaejoong’s house with a fedora on a hat rack, Yuchun also wears fedoras, right? The songs they sing cannot be used as proof of their undying devotion as well. Especially those from TVXQ because it isn’t Yunho who wrote them. And Jaejoong’s songs currently are about forgetting about a rotten love, a love based on lies. If there is any messages, it is that it’s enough already. Yunho, Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu are all getting ready to go for military training soon. They are already almost 30. From what I’ve heard, this is the period most Korean men think heavily about their filial duties such as creating the next generation for their parents. Jaejoong especially was told to bring his father grandchildren already.

The thing is, there hasn’t been any buzz about the two in a long while. No one has even tried to connect the countries they are in by dates or time, because I don’t think their schedules match up. If they have to keep it secret, with so many prying eyes, I find it difficult to believe that no one has captured an image of the two together. I believe that any secrets are apt to come to light, one way or another. And this is one secret many people want to confirm. Let’s say that their circle of friends need to keep it secret. Okay. However, you have fans who want to dig out each private information stars want to hide. Paparazzi are probably waiting to capture such a scoop. Something should have surfaced already. As it is, nothing has.

It seems that YunJae love may have already faded. And the two have matured and moved on. Perhaps their YunJae shippers should also mourn it and let go. The thing is, no romance is forever. From the moment we figure out we love, we also count down to when we say goodbye to that love. Life happens in between. Obstacles sometimes doesn’t allow for something as fragile as love to grow and mature. Love is like a plant. It needs the necessary ingredients to blossom and grow. Their lives are demanding, with many prying eyes, many rules, many restrictions. Can a love like theirs thrive in such a wasteland? They already had so much going against them. Perhaps, they have naturally drifted apart. Perhaps their 2009 incidents have ended their relationship in such an ugly way. Whatever it was, I think it is finished. Love does not necessarily go on forever. Like all things, even love ends.

If they are still together, good for them. But the overall message is that is finished. They have gone to great lengths to keep that part of their life extremely secret if they are together. Let’s leave them to it. Unless they come out of some hotel holding hands and someone takes a picture, I’d say it’s done.

***Photos on this post belong to their respective photographers. Sorry, they are not mine.


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