Obviously Gay? YunJae


I just came in from reading a thread somewhere in this huge place called the internet. The focus was on how obvious Jung Yunho (of TVXQ fame) was at being gay. The debate was whether he shows obvious signs. People were saying he is flamboyant, etc. His name is linked to G-Dragon and others. And of course, there’s Kim Jaejoong. The thread went on to talk about the obviousness of a lot of KPop artists being gay or lesbian.

I have not ever seen evidence of any obvious gayness when it comes to Jung Yunho. What I have seen is his obvious affection for Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong’s personality seems to invite protection from someone stronger. Although he seems plenty strong. (All those muscles!) Nothing about Kim Jaejoong’s actions seem obviously gay to me either.

The problem really isn’t about being obvious. It is the stereotypical way that people perceive what are gay and lesbian attitudes. Not all people who like men are effeminate. Not all people who like women are all masculine. In the world of KPop, can we be sure? We really shouldn’t look at people like Jung Yunho (who shows affection for the male of the species) and label him gay because nothing about Jung Yunho screams GAY. When he was with Kim Jaejoong, he looked like a man looking at the object of his affection. And coincidentally, when Kim Jaejoong was with Jung Yunho, he looked like a boy absorbed in the wonder of another human being’s obvious affection for him. We all get like that, no matter what label we put on ourselves. We bask in the glory of other people’s affections and attentions. I’m sure I look a bit like Jung Yunho when I look at Jaejoongie’s smiling face. And no one has said I was/am gay.

They do not have to be gay to like each other!

***The photos on this post does not belong to me. It is the photographers’ photo I copied from the internet.


21 thoughts on “Obviously Gay? YunJae

      • They are men period. Like my friend is also a man whose preferences are also men. Is it so hard to accept that? I think we did humanity a disservice when we classified people according to differing opinions, color, speech, etc. I can’t undo a whole history’s worth of damage, but at least, in my writing, I want to give them that sense of belonging, instead of separating them and pointing fingers. Especially since their society doesn’t condone the definition of being “gay”. So, for their sake – here it is. They are men. They just happen to fall in love with another man. Or like another man. They all have their men parts. And if I can call my friend the brother of my heart, then he’s a man, right? I acknowledge that part of him. The ” gay” part is nothing more than this man’s emotional preference.

      • Not when the word is meant to hurt. And until society accepts that, the word gay hurts. Like gook or monkey.

      • Not for me. Perhaps for you. Although it’s funny, that would have been appropriate, but then again, like I said, a categorizing word that hurts isn’t something I want to write in my pieces. And certainly that’s one word I would not use to describe my friend or myself. If its a word I feel comfortable labelling myself with, yeah, okay, but if not, then I certainly won’t use it for someone else. Until it loses its negative connotation, I won’t use it. It’d be like me calling a dark skinned friend who I happen to love a nigger. Or my own self a monkey. Why would I call a friend or even myself gay or homosexual knowing the hurt and pain that comes with it at this particular time and society?

      • “It’d be like me calling a dark skinned friend who I happen to love a nigger.” Apparently its ok for black people to call each other nigger if they’re friends, in an effort to change the meaning of the word.

        I know there are a lot of insulting names for homosexuals (i don’t mean to cause offence by using the word ‘homosexual’ but its the least offensive word i can think to use), but the words gay and homosexual are the least offensive of those that I know of.

        It sounds like you have an issue with being identified as gay more so than the words.

        Sometimes men use the word ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ in a negative context, but it’s important to keep these words. They’re necessary!

      • Yes, but like I said, in their society, gay is not a good word. So in deference to their society, their world that the need to live in they are men. Hey, why not call them bisexuals. Since apparently, they had girlfriends before they saw each other. Though even in my simplistic view, bisexuality is normal. Angelina Jolie and Daniel Day Kim in my bed sounds great to me!

      • I think attitudes are changing. The younger generations are more westernised than the older generation and so.. people there are becoming more open to non-traditional values.
        I read somewhere that Jaejoong is bi. He dates girls but is only gay for Yunho. The same source says Yunho is gay, which is a little sad for me since he’s my bias ^^;

      • Then when that is accepted and they can say they are gay or lesbian, that’s fine. I have a friend who is okay defined as gay and does not mind that people say he is, except when they shudder at saying it. I have another friend who is not comfortable being labeled lesbian because she has borne a son, wears lipstick and carries a purse but is currently with a female partner. She is not overtly masculine either.

      • Until then, I’ll be respectful and say they are both men who just happened to like each other. And I’m still normal despite wanting Daniel Dae Kim and Angie Jolie in my bed.

      • P.S. Yunho really does not look overtly gay to me. So until he admits, keep your bias. Mine is Chunnie. And he would soooo make a pretty girl. Damn. I keep wondering if he and Junsu are a still an item.

  1. In Korea seem to be accepted that type of relantions more than a normal relations. Their culture and history speak about relations men-men. In almost kdramas it is a moment that suggest that tendency or even the reality in that restrictive society. Maybe these kdramas want to change our mind to accept these things more easy.
    I don’t know how to name Yunho-Jaejoong relation, because it is certainly that was something more, but I think it is because the circumstances. They lived together many years, no girl, no family. I was an athlete (gymnast), but I think that their lives were more hard and restrictive than an athlete’s live. And we don’t forghet that they are men and they want … something at one moment for relax or to forghet how to hard is or else. The eyes see and the heart requires. I think their world was too small. No women and too many rules.
    And… I think that everyone was with everyone, in time, in that group and the videos on youtube shows that “reality”.

    • I’m sure that the idol lifestyle “helped” in making their relationship that much closer. But, skinship and fan service is part of the lifestyle. It’s a given. However, since the five were all together, why was it YunJae that showed so much affection? And why not JaeMin? Or MinSu? Or JaeSu? How about 2Yu or HoSu? None of the other pairings had as much video feeds as YunJae. None had as much…feeling… Even I had to stop and look and wonder…. And conclude. I swear each caress is every touch and gesture I have made to my significant other. So why would it be different for those two? As for SK… Kdramas and movies are hoping to change our minds, but the industry, the PTBs, govt are all still pretty conservative. We need more of them coming out, speaking up, giving a face and name to relationships like these before their perceptions and cultural biases become dissipated as an influx of better understanding floods in. Until then, these two, in my eyes are men who just happen to have fallen in love with another man.

      • I think so, too. But, in my eyes, YH was so obsessive with Jaejoong. Even YH said that was “violent with his girlfriend” and “he is more calm now”. Too much protection for JJ? Maybe.
        As leader, I think that he yelled a lot to them, even Yuchun said that.
        In my opinion, when 1/2 +1 members leaves the group I think that there is a problem. And that problem is the leader. It’s my opinion. And, of couse, SM and their parents (YH and CM).
        I’m sorry for my english. I’m not a native english.

      • Your English is fine. I understand it. That’s why I wrote YunJae: a theory. I think that violence may have been a factor. Since it’s so prevalent in SK in the first place. Plus they’re both men. And that remark of JJ that said that YH treated him like a woman… We don’t KNOW. They’re so tight lipped about it. We can only speculate. Like I said, yelling, hitting, and God only knows what else is extremely accepted and prevalent in SK.
        I have this running theory that there is more to the story than meets the eye. And I think the government was involved. In cases of a split like that, SM being all powerful, would have blocked the other three from ever playing on the world stage. But there they are making money left and right. Someone more powerful than SM backed them. Even with the supposed ‘prejudice’ against them that they can’t be broadcasted, etc… It’s all noise. Everyone else that preceded them NEVER produced another album. They’re disbanded. They can probably get solo work, but not to the extent that JYJ has. So, I think a lot of unseen machinations went on behind the scenes. Until they come out of all the secrecy, one will never know. I’d love to go to SK and really find out what REALLY happened!

  2. “But there they are making money left and right.” Someone from SK entertainment industry said that anyone associate with them would have won a lot of money, but…. There is a but.
    They can be broadcasted on international music channel. We have 1h per week on a national music channel with k-pop music and there was many happiness to see JYJ or JUNSU with their videos. I hope to see, too, Back seat.
    “YH treated him like a woman”. Maybe for his protection. I saw those Japanese old men as CM in shows TV who touch JJ’s body. Brrrr. JJ said that it was a forced in the past to look nice, cool, sexy etc. It’s possible to be much more than that.
    “I think that violence may have been a factor….yelling, hitting, and God only knows what else is extremely accepted and prevalent in SK.” Yes, I think that, too. Never mind human rights or youth rights. Even the two words said everywhere by everyone, even parents for their children, are ” WORK HARD”. We don’t forget that the suicide among young people is very high in SK and Japan because they are disappointed, confused and society misfits. Lonely people, no marriages. I don’t like all these. But it’s a reality.
    I think that the three (JYJ) were in therapy, at the psyhologist, to go over everything that was hard, to regain their confidence, to be up there again and shine stronger. And I like that. And now they are a therapy for many people, even for me.
    I have a dream, too. I want to visit SK and Japan, but…. There is a but. Maybe you are more lucky to go there to found their secrets. Success!

    • Like I said, there is more to the story. JJ is still a man, though with a man’s pride. That would have grated on his nerves. Good if they went to psychologist. I doubt it though. The constant drinking and smoking attests to it. Stigma to psychologists as well.

      Yep, that but… Is in my life as well… However, the Universe and God is extremely generous. Oh, I would love to go!

  3. Maybe you are right about no psychologist. They drink and smok a lot, indeed. I think the pain is on both sides.

    Yes, man’s pride, that’s good.

    Yes, we have to belive in God!

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