KPop and me – Big Bang


My forays into KPop eventually led me to Big Bang. There were others between CNBLUE and Big Bang, but they are a whole other article. Big Bang needs one on their own because they are pretty big. Within the group, there are three big personalities and talents. Perhaps you will notice that in my forays into KPOP, I most often than not go for their stories first. The talent comes second.

I had really just recently discovered Big Bang. I am very very new to the world of KPop. So they may have been around for a long time, but I’ve only recently gotten to them.

Before I discovered them, I had gone through a few other groups. I thought Ok Taecyeon was the best Korea had to offer as a rapper. Then TOP, Choi Seung Hyun, appeared on my YouTube screen. The movie was 19. Seungri was also in it. LOVESONG was the first song I bought that was from Big Bang. How I wish TOP would SING more! That deep voice is addicting!

Then I discovered a picture of G-Dragon and TOP from their GD & TOP promotions. A picture of G-Dragon with plants crowning his fair head sealed the deal. I had found the fae Puck and his father, Lord Oberon. To this day, Puck Robin Goodfellow…er… G-Dragon graces my iPod Touch’s screen. I haven’t found anyone so… fae or fair of face. Surely this boy is a fairy prince! Huh, that is, until you see his twin. Kwon Ji Yong and Dong Yong Bae are probably twin souls separated at their birth. Whatever the case maybe, they are extremely close friends. I am certainly envious! Especially in light of their extreme talents. Not to mention their fair faces. If someone had said that these two were Lord Oberon’s sons, I would not doubt it.

That’s it! Oh, wait… There is Daesung and Seungri as well. In my mind, Daesung can sing, but his voice isn’t…well, not what I’m looking for. Seungri can dance and sing, but cannot compete with the other three. For me, the last two seem to be the comedic relief in an otherwise so talented, so serious group. For this reason, they fit into the group. I think their best attributes for the group was to make them accessible.

If I was to meet the group on the street, I think that Seungri would be the most approachable. Daesung is second, Taeyang third, G-Dragon fourth and TOP last.  TOP is the most intimidating, I think, to approach. Although, I think that once you do get to know him, he’d be the most fun.

In terms of looks, G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Seungri, then Daesung. GD just has that certain je ne sais quoi. He is very pretty. Seungri could indeed be likened to GD or TOP, but he has yet to grow into the confidence the other three carry.  As of this writing, I had a chance to look at his song GOTTA TALK TO YOU. The imagery portrayed seemed like a man about to seduce a woman. Especially with the rather awkward ‘…hustling, hustling, hustling…’ and the fist pump… for such a  sweet sounding song, those words and that action makes it more… adult in nature. Unfortunately, Seungri somehow made it feel sleazy instead of seductive. Rather like a teenager looking to get laid, instead of a debonair man seducing a very beautiful woman.

Of their collective discography, I have since added LIES, CROOKED, NARAM BARABWA (though I am just a bit angry at the lyrics, because if it was a girl singing this to a guy, the guy would probably say, ah, hell no! But because it is Taeyang… It works because of their jobs, you know.), WEDDING DRESS, GOTTA TALK TO YOU (the hustling part sets my teeth on edge, but everything else is okay to listen to. Don’t watch it with the video.), HARU HARU, HEAVEN, DON’T GO HOME, HIGH HIGH, OOAK, HEARTBREAKER.

I will continue to discover more of their discography as time passes. And yes, the list isn’t their complete discography. I only listen to the ones I like.


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