KPOP and me – CNBLUE


As I have said, my first discovery of KPop began with Jung Yong Hwa and CNBLUE. Since I am forbidden to claim him personally, the rest of the four was fair game. In my family, someone else laid claim. However, their songs were free for all. It also doesn’t mean I couldn’t talk about them all, rate them all, nor admire Jung Yong Hwa’s apparent genius.

So, in CNBLUE, I will not deny Jung Yong Hwa’s skills as their lead vocalist and their leader. His compositions as well are quite nice. Their first albums were…well, not too good, in my opinion. But there are a few that I couldn’t turn away from. TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN for example when Kang Min Hyuk sings.Β  That became one of my songs on my playlist on YouTube. ARIGATOU, IMAGINE, I WILL FORGET YOU… just a few that I liked. I also liked the Korean version of ARIGATOU. It’s too bad that iTunes didn’t put out their Japanese songs and it still frustrates me that I can’t buy them. Ah, well. YouTube is my friend. πŸ™‚ I have since added STAR, BECAUSE I MISS YOU, ME MORE THAN YOU, LOVE GIRL… I became addicted to Lee Jong Hyun’s LOVE FOLLOWS THE RAIN. It was first called ECLIPSE in the Japanese album, but the lyrics in Korean was incredibly poetic (thank you, translators!). The English lyrics almost had that smooth poetic bend, but didn’t quite make it. It still had the reserve of a young child. But LOVE FOLLOWS THE RAIN was from a man. And Lee Jong Hyun’s voice had the right timber for it. It was like listening to rain drops on water. I fell in love with their CEO’s soul then. Here was another poet.

Jung Yong Hwa came out with BECAUSE I MISS YOU. And his voice blew me away. It’s better to watch him on YouTube since you get to see his expression. His face is very expressive! He conveys the emotions through his face. It is quite lovely to see. Lee Jong Hyun and Jung Yong Hwa sang a cover of WHEREVER YOU WILL GO by The Calling. Jung Yong Hwa has unforgettable eyes! And the parts they sang, ah, these two are very good together. They complement each other’s voice.

With that drama, Kang Min Hyuk brought STAR to the table. Kang Min Hyuk’s voice is nice and light. He brings the brightness into this song. It’s perfect for him. I hope to hear more from this boy. Now Kang Min Hyuk is my ideal. Personality wise, I think he and I would understand each other. Rather like best friends, or siblings, or parent and child. So, I’m watching him closely to see him reach his potential. Among the four, I think Kang Min Hyuk is by far the most fascinating to watch. He is also very handsome. It’s too bad that the world is catching on to what I have seen. My little boy is growing up.

My bias will become more apparent. πŸ˜›

Recently, they came out with BLIND LOVE and ONE MORE TIME. But I’m currently addicted to STARLIT NIGHT. Yes, I know. Lee Jong Hyun was the composer and lyricist. His blossoming skill at the manipulation of the English language into something evocative amazes me. (His Korean composition for the drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, MY LOVE, was very nice.) Now, the English isn’t perfect. But it works close enough to paint the picture. And it’s a very nice picture. One I hope to take one day. (In my mind’s eye, I saw the night skies of Hawaii with the stars dripping like jewels into the ocean. Or the twinkling of the many stars above Yosemite on the hike to Half Dome.) However, one thought entered my mind. “Who did he compose it for?” I’m not sure I want to know the answer.

Another note on Lee Jong Hyun, he is usually depicted with his eyes closed while singing. So on the rarity that he is captured with his eyes on the camera, you can almost see whatever emotions he has tried to hide from the world. I like his dimples. He fascinates me, probably because he is so secretive. He seems selective about what he shows out to the world. A daring man in the over-exposed world of KPop idols. He rather reminds me of Keanu Reeves.

I find myself waiting for their next installment. I’m also waiting for Lee Jung Shin to prove his ingenuity. I’m waiting for their baby to grow up and catch up to his three very talented hyungs.

P.S. At the time of this article, Lee Jong Hyun had collaborated with Juniel on an album. I had not seen it YET. I will soon. πŸ™‚


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