K-Pop and me

Korea wasn’t an entirely new country to me. Having lived in an East Coast state, I was introduced to many Korean foods. One that I especially liked was the seasoned seaweed. So when I got back to the West Coast, this was something I really wanted badly. I would travel two hours just to get packets of this delicacy. So delicious with hot steamed rice. And with drops of sriracha! Oh, divine!

The library yielded recipes for my sesame spinach. As well as stories about Korean grandmothers. But life happens quickly and often things go as if like a river flowing along. Then Korean restaurants popped up where I live. Yum! Kimchee and bulgogi and …. anyway….
The internet brought anime direct from Japan. And with it I discovered K-drama. And discovered Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE. And from there, everyone followed suit. To this day, CNBLUE is still my top group that I listen to.


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