The Gay/Lesbian Debate

It all began with Facebook. One friend posted what translates to “Why are there so many bigoted Filipinos?” That’s an entirely huge other question and more detailed answers. However, one of his friends posted stuff which translates to “…here (in the US) male can marry male, female can marry female…” There were more, but the other laments are different social issues this post will not reference. The person made it seem as if the social ills of this society had somehow stemmed from that.  I think my grandstand at that time should be shared here. And as I said there, I’m sure to catch flack for this, but it’s an issue close to my heart.
My response was that I believe that a person should be able to love another person and manifest it in marriage if that’s what they want. Gender doesn’t matter when the soul is genderless in the first place. And I hope that when my soul finds its mate here in this lifetime, I would be able to love that person, regardless of gender and be able to express this love.Love is love. All the “rules” that govern it, I think, are cultural biases. Now, don’t quote me and say well there are people who likes kids… okay… I’m talking about consenting adults. 18 and over. Taking advantage of others is not love in my book.
I have to point out that if you truly love your fellow man or woman, why would you point at him with a black tarred brush and say “Unclean. Unworthy. Undeserving. Be a slave. Be nothing. Be hated. Be ostracized. God doesn’t recognize you. He made you, but doesn’t recognize you.”? I sincerely doubt this is the case. If a gay friend of mine comes to me from having been beaten up (he’s pretty strong, but there were more than one) because of where his heart lies and asks me in tears why God made him this way…and is he so undeserving of respect as a human being…and shouldn’t it be better if he’d have died instead of going through this misery? What should I say?
I do not believe in a God who would condemn that beautiful soul to such agony. My beliefs have to change. I believe that the soul is genderless in the first place. And when we shake off this mortal coil and leave this body to the dust, the soul will return to its genderless state. It won’t matter then if we’re male or female, why does it matter so much now?


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