The DBSK Theory

     Dong Bang Shing Ki. Gods rising from the East.
     Here was a five member boy band group who had an incredible following. They had good looks and great talent. The sang incredibly well! Then at the height of their popularity, they split up. Their fans cried, rallied, begged… All to no avail. Three left and two remained. People all over are asking why? Some say Yunho and Changmin should have gone with the other three. They should have stayed together! Those who are for the three, Junsu, Yuchun, and Jaejoong, all point at Yunho and Changmin and say they were traitors. The three (JYJ) were labeled traitors not only by the fans of Yunho and Changmin, but also by the two the stayed behind and their families. Plus a bunch of other people. SM labeled them as traitors. The whole entertainment industry labeled them as traitors. There is always that question as to why Yunho and Changmin stayed behind. Shouldn’t they have gone with the other three?
Here is my theory.
     I believe that Chunnie, Je-jay, and Jun-jun couldn’t take anymore of what they perceived was an injustice to them. They had nothing left to lose. They’ve hit the bottom of what they can endure. They know that this isn’t how it should be. There should be a better way for them all to be happy. To them, even if it was the end of their career, it wasn’t as if they were in any better position than when they first began. The futility in the future they saw was too bleak if they stayed. They really had nothing to lose.
     Then there is the other two. Yun and Minnie decided to stay with SM. Now labeled traitors to the alliance, the brotherhood they shared, Yun and Minnie couldn’t explain why they stayed. I’ll tell you why. They stayed because they had too much to protect. Whatever it was, perhaps their families, their pride, their honor, their positions and money… It doesn’t matter. Those two had something important to protect… They had too much to lose if they didn’t stay with SM. My thoughts are that SM said you’ll be paying us millions! Their families probably became frightened and commanded, “Stay.” Hence, we have the split.
     I don’t know if this is what happened, but, I can tell you this. If I were friends with JYJ and they asked me “Why didn’t those two come with us?”
     I would have answered, “Babes, it’s because they needed assurance that they’ll survive. You three didn’t care anymore at that point. Survive or not, you were ready to lay down your life and happiness  to right the wrong you saw. The other two couldn’t follow you. Your way had no plan, no parachute, no guarantees… And at that time, no Baek Chang-ju. It was career suicide. Yun and Min had too much too lose.”
     In the same context, if the other two were to ask, “Why couldn’t those three stay with us?”
     I would have answered, “Because they saw the prison walls and the bleakness of their existence. They believed that walking away was better than staying in that situation. They were ready to jump from the cliff and make their wings on the ride down. They took a leap of faith. They wanted something better because they knew something better existed out there. You believed they were wrong. They believed they were right.”
     So, I hope DB5K fans out there understand what went on in their minds. Two had too much to lose and three had nothing left to lose. That was all. The rest are just fluff getting in the way. Not one is a traitor. They were just people coming from two different perspectives. They couldn’t stand on the same ground after that. Hopefully, the future will have them seeing through each others eyes and understanding will lead them back to being friends and brothers.


4 thoughts on “The DBSK Theory

  1. There are three lines in Dracula’s role (Junsu) in Romanian language. “Să nu-l atingeti! V-am dat un ordin! N-ati vrut sa-l ţineţi!” It’s hard to understand because of Junsu’s pronunciation. These mean in English :” Don’t touch him! I gave you an order! You didn’t want to hold (keep) him!”

  2. LOL! I would have kept him! Whoever he is… 🙂 Danny! You are really reading all the way through this huh??!!! Thanks! When I reread this, it seemed so simplistic. Because now, theories swirl in my head.

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