YunJae – a theory


WARNING! Do not read if you are sensitive about domestic violence or DBSK members.

I’ve been mulling this over and over in my head and something strange took hold of me. Something solidified in my over thinking brain when I read of an account from a manager that YunJae would fight and they would get physical. Is the source reliable? I have no idea. But! That comment made me rethink YunJae coupling. I’ m guessing that the altercations involved punching, kicking, throwing things. Then the account said that the manager would throw them two in a room and lock the door. When the two comes back out, everything is settled. We are supposed to infer that some amorous  shenanigans (for want of a better word) may have occurred in that locked room.

This kind of behavior may be okay in Korea. However, when things like this happen in a relationship, where I’m from, they call it Domestic Abuse. I’m not heavily invested in the YunJae relationship. I’m not a particular shipper. The evidence seems to point in that direction. Even I thought something was going on when watching regular videos. The closeness was too… Close. Especially in light of how Yunho and Changmin are now. Yunho does not make the first move! Nor does he constantly drape himself ALL over Changmin. In contrast, Jae was always uncertain about what the hell kind of affectionate touch he’s likely to get from Yun. Yun was making all the moves! Hell, a dawg can spot that a mile away! 

The thing is I had to watch the two interact for two weeks because I was engrossed in the speculation of if they really were together, still keep in touch, if they were gay, bi or what… IF such a thing did happen, where bouts of violence were punctuated by bouts of sticky sweet romance, then I can understand a lot more things. I can understand more of Jae’s lyrics and his vulnerability. 

In my speculation, I surmised that Jae was the more vulnerable one. Yun was probably his first love. His emotions were too close to the surface. “You were welcomed from the moment I believed it was a miracle…” ~Rotten Love. When you think no one could share this kind of feeling and being assured that one could, you invest a lot of yourself in it.  Jae thinking that was a miracle, well… He has the bigger heart. The comment was made “…one person’s big heart can’t fix it anymore…”  Was Yuchun talking about Jae? Aw, Chunnie… Was this another reason for the separation?  If you look at how Yun and Jae had interacted, it was as if Yunho was showing the world that he owned Jae. Jae seemed shocked at the rather revealing things Yun did. Yun took charge, Jae followed. Jae seemed to always lower his head to Yun. Maybe I’m over speculating. Unconscious or not, Jae allowed Yun to take over. A bad thing for one already vulnerable. IF this was indeed the case, then Jae, keep walking. A toxic relationship like that will break a person to the point of craziness. The one that usually breaks is the one who loves more. It takes courage to walk away from something like that. It takes strength to stand up after that. It takes years to put it behind you. And you never forget. It colors every relationship you have from that point on. If that was the case, I’m sorry, Jae, that you had to go through something like that. But, if Rotten Love is any indication, good for you. It seems like you’re walking tall now. This makes me satisfied. If the path leads back there, you’ll be stronger in dealing with it the next time around. If I’m wrong, then as I said, it’s speculation. No harm done, right? Because you know the truth.




2 thoughts on “YunJae – a theory

  1. Well, people always say KJJ initiated all of the skinship, I k ow that isn’t true. JUNG YUNHO does it ALL.

    And now that you mention it. I don’t think KJJ and Yunho were in an abuse relationship (if there was one to begins with). Bit KJJ did lower his head and give JYH a lot of charge and power. But, what I do feel is like JYH was too scared, he drove JYH to destruction. His lyrics from just another girl “I’m going crazy” I think JYH .ames me him feel like that. I feel like he opened his heart welcomed him only for him to show him heaven than throw him back into the deepest corner of hell.

    Some physically pain is better.
    At least you know it’ll stop hurting one, but not sk much emotional.

    • Their earlier videos has Yunho draping himself over Jae a lot. And Jae looking warily at him most times. The newer ones had Jae returning and seeking the touches. JAG says “let me live like a real man should…”
      The thing why I think some physical altercations may have occurred is that in SK that’s effing normal! Especially between two guys…. Because one needs to prove the other’s dominance…. I’m wondering though if I might not have gotten it turned around. LOL! Nah… And that article of some fan who got it from someone who got it from someone else about Jae and Yun being locked in a room when their fights become too much…. (Too much, in my mind is throwing things down, furniture and dishes, chopsticks, etc.)

      But gawd!!!! They look too damn good together!!!!! I’m thinking all that could be hormones and underdeveloped cerebral cortex. They’re past the age of 27 already. Should be when they either think “what the crap had I been thinking?!?!” The emotions reach a better equilibrium after 27 yoa.

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