The YG WIN (Who Is Next?) Debacle

YG Entertainment had put together two good groups. One group was older in age than the other group. Team A and Team B. YG decided to pit them against each other. The experts were voting for the best group with the talent and drive to be the best. Supposedly, this team was going to be the next Big Bang. Team A, lacking direction, having internal conflict, having doubts about themselves, with the threat of disbandment and possible dismissal hanging over their heads, were mediocre at best when being scrutinized by professional eyes and ears. The thing is, YG decided to let the audience at large vote for the one who will debut with the name WINNER. He probably hoped that the masses would vote in the same way as his panel of experts. He said threatened the teams with disbandment and dismissal when it seemed that Team A kept losing to Team B using only his panel of experts.
Now, I’m not dissing the talents of the two groups. Team A had some individual talents that needed to be showcased. However, this rant is about why one shouldn’t trust the fickleness of the audience at large. Don’t use the public to make your business decisions.
Let’s take Taylor Hicks of American Idol fame. Gray haired singing phenomenon, right? The masses voted for him, but was he really an American Idol? Did he really reflect the buying interest of the people or was he just a phenomenon? In my eyes, Taylor Hicks was unique. A niche market. Not a Pop Idol. The talent was there, but not for the world of such as Justin Timberlake and the Beiber. The reason Taylor Hicks was voted in? He was the antithesis of an American Idol. I’m going to say it. It’s the pity factor. He was unique and his uniqueness needed to be recognized. However, his selling point didn’t translate into record sales. Just saying.

The same thing happened with WIN. I think, in my humble theorizing, YG was hoping to disband Team A and pick over who had the definite talent. (Their leader was one.) With Team B winning the judges time and again, he was sure Team B would also win over the masses. However, with the threat of disbandment and dismissal, the masses poured on the pity factor. Don’t get me wrong,  Team A has talent individually, but they were not able to work cohesively as a team. Team B, on the other hand, delivered their dynamics time and time again. Team B’s leaders knew what was what. They knew how to lead and their team knew how to follow. That gave their dynamic performances that extra edge over Team A.

So when did the debacle start? The first indication of things going awry was when the masses voted for Team A and the experts voted for Team B. This was the G-Dragon vs Taeyang episode(s). To the experts’ eyes, Team B was able to deliver what the competition asked for. Team A lacked something. Then the masses voted.

Team A members were garnering fans across the globe fueled by the internet and YouTube and the likes of it. I have every respect for the fans. I know what they mean. I know their hearts. I have my own biases. But have fans ever been rational? That’s why they’re called fans, right? From the word FANATICS? What are fans? They’re obsessive, extremist, radical, excessive, and often intensely uncritical in their devotion. If you don’t believe me, check out the dictionary. Look for the synonyms of the word. Is there anything in there that says they’re rational? Hell no!

I have no emotional investment in either team at the moment. My biases usually run from CNBLUE first and then people who are Americans or have stayed here. People like Nickhun, Ok Taecyeon, Park Yuchun (JYJ), Aron, JAY PARK!!!!! Ah, you get what I mean, right? So, when I go to check out what WIN was all about, OMG! Team B always impressed me! Team A never quite delivered. When I found out that Team A won, I was disappointed. Here was the Taylor Hicks phenomenon again. Here is the Philippines’ presidential election all over again. (The Joseph Estrada débâcle.)

In my humble opinion, I think Team A would have been better in another agency.  Not a hip hop powerhouse like YG. Team A can compete with the likes of 2AM. Perhaps give MBLAQ a run for their money. But they do I not have what it takes to go toe to toe with Big Bang. They won’t even be able to touch that ceiling called Big Bang. Not the way they were at the time of the competition. Team B, however, could have. I have no doubt that Team B could have been another Big Bang. In theory, asking the masses to make your business decisions are well and good, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to actual talent. Let’s see how far Team A…oh, excuse me…Winner goes. I doubt they’ll last as long as Big Bang. But that’s water under the bridge now.

The question now is what YG will do with Team B. If Team B is disbanded, YG loses a good chance to having another Big Bang. But he has lots of trainees to pick from. If Team B is disbanded and dismissed, my suggestion to the K-Pop big whigs, snap them up! Snap them up as a whole team! They’ll make you loads of money! They’ll bring you to the levels of Big Bang. I promise. They have the talent, the leadership in place, the fearlessness of the young, the energy, that genius, and that certain je  ne sais quoi. You won’t be disappointed.

PS. If you noted how YG CEO had almost recanted his threat because suddenly he feels emotional attachment to the boys… Maybe you’ll see Team B under his label soon. If they do debut under his label, my suggestion for a team name? The Rejects.


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