Because I Listened

**** For Kim Jaejoong because of “Rotten Love” and “Just Another Girl”

Why do I find myself
looking at the strangeness
of your words
and the mystifying translations I get?
I’m looking for cracks
in that pavement you’ve written.
Absurd and crazy
looking for conspiracies,
a trace of the truth,
if there is a glimmer…
Just once I would like
to catch a glimpse
of the truth between
the sheets of celluloid.
Can there even be truth
embedded there?
I only see a thick asphalt
covering what wounds
you had once bled through…
Whatever cleansing poisons
had long ago seeped out
into the broken concrete
and parched land.
A pity.
You are slowly
maturing, emerging
into a world crazy,
insincere, tabloid
driven and exorcized;
demonic and angelic…
No one way or another…
Just the same balanced
and yet not…
We taste the stench
of rotted meat
along with the sweet
scented honey papaya
the grew in my mother’s yard…
I am still reeling
from the pain your song evokes…


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