Just to clarify my position. I’m more JYJ biased than the current TVXQ duo based purely on their singing and songwriting skills. And because I’m an underdog admirer.

Ah! So I’ve just read about the end of the lawsuit. So SM and CJes has finally settled what needed settling. That’s good for JYJ if the speculation is correct that they will finally be able to be on shows and things like that. This is highly doubtful, but okay. However, I want to speculate on their songs. He he he he he! Is that evil laughter enough? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
First, I thought about “Catch me”. I know, I should start at the beginning, but that’s too much water under the bridge. The reason I speculated on starting with “Catch me” was because I imagined that this was a goad. No mention to  anyone in particular since it is not specified that Jung Yunho was the lyricist, but I’m imagining it was targeted towards Kim Jaejoongie. And Jae’s response was WWW. Phenomenal if I may say so. He basically said “Why Would I need to? Just Watch.”  (Yes! I’m playing on the WWW thing! You caught it, huh?) The reason is because with that one album he’s surpassed anything the duo had done together. His Just Another Girl and Rotten Love is so cool! I can listen to those two songs over and over.
Now I’m just waiting for JYJ to produce another album or song to surpass TVXQ. I’m sure that will be the case soon enough. The maturity level of their singing and songwriting and composing have become more evident. They’ve come a long way. They are now more comfortable in their own skin, especially Jae, for which I am extremely grateful. I don’t like seeing vulnerable people. It makes me like them too much. It makes me want to cheer for them and celebrate their every little success. šŸ™‚


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