Breakfast in Bed

You came up with a tray
for you and I
and said it was planned
since the night before…
With my whining words
piercing your heart
the bagel and  cream cheese
and the creamed, sugared coffee
appeared in your hand
and in your heart…
I am touched by your love…
Is it obvious?

RhB 1312291059A

Pour vous, Geo…


I feel lazy… The sun streams through the window in watery rivulets of warmth, but it doesn’t pierce the seeping cold. The palm trees sway against a playful breeze and the heron dunks his head into the water of this dank levee. The past week has been exhausting and a little worrisome. The holidays are always hectic. Nevermore so than now. One more round of spending for New Year. The requisite 13 round fruits necessary for New Year’s luck will only be oranges this year. 13 bright golden oranges. I don’t want to be up from my cozy, if albeit messy, bed. But the stench of sweat and flesh compels me to shake off the doldrums. I should at least eat.

The cavernous refrigerator yields nothing interesting. It is packed full with the leavings of Christmas Eve’s and Christmas day’s extravaganzas. A ham, already sliced from its juicy bones, servings of kalua pork, oodles of stir fried noodles, desserts galore! But nothing seems appetizing. There’s my first attempt at kimchi. And cold, cold rice. Oooh! Kimchee fried rice!

But seriously? That’s too much work. The garlic and the frying… Delicious smell! Ah, but no. Seriously, I’m lazy today. A hot shower, I think and another Shin bowl with kimchee from the store, some dried mushrooms, and shrimp. A little sesame seed oil to anoint it all. And the ubiquitous microwave to make it all happen. I’m waiting for someone to come home. The house is too silent.

I munch on chocolate covered almonds. Seriously, there is nothing to do. Dramafever stopped working. Maybe it’s my internet connection. Ah, well. Let’s play candy crush instead. I really should have gone to work. After lunch, I’ll take a nap. Maybe she’ll call me then to pick her up. And she can take care of the stuff that piled up while she was gone. Did she remember about today? That I’d be waiting? I hope so.

Tomorrow, I have to get up, go to the bank, pay the credit card something, go shopping for food and drink… And maybe I can find the phone. It’s lost in this bed that smells like you. Ah, I have to do laundry. I have no underwear left. Then what’s the use of taking a shower then?

My stomach makes a gurgling sound. I really need to get up. It’s almost two and you’ll be calling soon. I am afraid, I haven’t done a thing. You see, I’ve been lazy today.

Rating DBSK


My journey through KPop has taken me backwards, I think. However, having discovered DBSK, I should rate the five. In my limited opinion, DBSK as five was phenomenal! Their combined voices resonated well together. But since 2009, they’ve split and formed two groups. The lawsuit stuff will be addressed at a later post. There are still many things I have to read through and mull over. TVXQ are two men, Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho. JYJ consists of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu. DBSK and TVXQ mean the same – Dong Bang Shin Ki or Tong Vfang Xien Qi still means Gods Rising from the East. However, for my sanity, DBSK refers to the five and TVXQ refers to the two current members.

This is about the five of them.

In terms of vocals, SM was quite correct in making Jaejoong the group’s lead vocalist. Watching him sing is incredibly breathtaking. He sings with his whole body! The next person whose voice I can listen to for hours (HOURS!) is Micky Yuchun. He, too, sings with passion. Next is Junsu. His high registers are pretty well known. (Please remember, this is my opinion.) He, too, is very competent in singing. He also infuses his singing with feelings. Changmin’s voice has a nice range. With both low and high registers, it is versatile. However, it lacks the passion, the sincerity that sets the other three apart. Perhaps he needs to fall in love and have his heart broken. 😉 And last is Yunho. Yunho’s voice alone, FOR ME, is relatively unremarkable. There is nothing there that no-one in KPop cannot duplicate. When he allows his emotions to come through, maybe the dynamics will change. However, within the five, it works.

In terms of dancing, Yunho does incredibly well. Junsu is second if not tied with Yunho.

In terms of looks… oh boy… the prettiest is obviously Jaejoong, however, I can’t quite bring myself to give the crown completely to him. The reason I say this is because Yuchun also makes me gasp at his prettiness. Don’t get me wrong. The five men are obviously all very good looking. When I say pretty, I mean women would envy their looks. Of the five, I would look twice at Jaejoong and Yuchun if I passed them on the street. Ah, hell, I’d ogle them!

The one that men would envy is Yunho. Next would be Changmin. Yes! I THINK Changmin is masculine! If only SM would quit pairing the two as if there is any carnal love between TVXQ! I think the two boys can very well do without it. Fly rumors of Changmin having a girl on his arm for heaven’s sake! And the last one on this list is Yuchun. I know, I know! I said he’s pretty, too. But that’s Micky Yuchun, for you. He straddles that fence quite nicely. Junsu is also masculine, I think, but not one that men would envy. I think, he’s the kind of person women would take home to their parents.

Which comes to the next list. Who would I be able to take home to my parents? Yunho is out. My father would think he’s a bad guy. He gives out the arrogance of a man used to having things his way, a definite leader. But one who would intimidate my Dad, for sure. So unless I was totally in love with the boy, he wouldn’t be someone I could comfortably introduce to Daddy. Daddy might bring out his guns. Jung Yunho looks like a definite bad boy.

The men Daddy may approve of are, Junsu, Yuchun, and Changmin in that order. If I was Daddy, these are the men I would probably vet. Junsu’s ready smile, mild manners, and sweet temperament would disarm Daddy. Yuchun’s smiling eyes, even temperament, intelligence and sense of humor would win over Daddy. Changmin’s charm and personality would probably let Daddy’s guard down. These are men who are no threat to his authority.
Jaejoong is a different matter. Though all five are polite, all have great manners, the problem with Jaejoongie is that he is too pretty. Daddy might think that he is incapable of protecting his darling daughter. Or that because of Jaejoong’s face, darling girl may face hardships when it comes to extramarital affairs or even the suspicion of it.

And the list for who a woman might like to have as a Boyfriend. Yunho! His looks, his protectiveness, his manners, his attentiveness, his arrogance… Ah yeah! Boyfriend, definitely boyfriend.

As a husband, Junsu or Yuchun.Their mild temperaments and sense of humor would alleviate a lot of the tensions that marriage brings.

Why would I put Yunho as BF and someone else as husband? Simple, you do not have to live with a boyfriend. Yunho would need a subservient wife. One willing to stay in the shadows. A person with a strong personality will always be fighting with him. So if Yunho’s wife has a strong personality, there will be a lot of yelling and perhaps broken dishes. My advice for that person, lay out the ground rules first. When the argument escalates, before it gets worse, one has to leave the scene.

Arm candy… Any of them. But Jaejoong and Yunho in a suit would have a lot of women envying you.

Who would do well as sexy model for your art class that is doing nudes? Jaejoong, Changmin, Yuchun. The muscles! The abs! Of the five, these three are the most confident with their naked bodies.

As five, my most favorite song is “Why Did I Fall For You?” Japanese song. It is this song that led me to discover the boys. The 2008 A-nation concert. I could not take my eyes off of Jaejoong! In the MV, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Yuchun!

Is there more? I’ll update when I figure more out.



Heavy with the scent of snow,
a brazen fire on the brazier.
Pine and holly bough
tickle the senses;
Bright red and green
against the purest white
blinding in its delight:
This winter scene…
Red fluffy hats
against the furrowed brow
as smiles contagion grow
from brightened cheek
and reddened lips…
A mistletoe dangles from above;
Time for a kiss
to seal this winter’s bliss
within the heart…
Lost in memories
of days gone by
this is winter’s lure…
You were never forgotten,
Winter brings you…

RhB 131222 0309P

YunJae – Why It Is Enough Already


I have read and watched so much of the two, it’s almost a disease! Probably  because they seem to be so in love. It didn’t have the nuances of fan service. And it seemed as if they genuinely loved each other. And possibly had carnal knowledge of each other. I can dismiss HoMin, JaeChun, YunMin, JaeMin, etc… But I can’t seriously dismiss YunJae. There is another pair in DBSK that I can’t readily dismiss, but that’s a different thread.

However, DBSK has not been together since 2009. Coincidences since cannot be proof. Similar clothing, jewelry and such. Those can be bought. So what if their tastes are similar. Pictures of Jaejoong’s house with a fedora on a hat rack, Yuchun also wears fedoras, right? The songs they sing cannot be used as proof of their undying devotion as well. Especially those from TVXQ because it isn’t Yunho who wrote them. And Jaejoong’s songs currently are about forgetting about a rotten love, a love based on lies. If there is any messages, it is that it’s enough already. Yunho, Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu are all getting ready to go for military training soon. They are already almost 30. From what I’ve heard, this is the period most Korean men think heavily about their filial duties such as creating the next generation for their parents. Jaejoong especially was told to bring his father grandchildren already.

The thing is, there hasn’t been any buzz about the two in a long while. No one has even tried to connect the countries they are in by dates or time, because I don’t think their schedules match up. If they have to keep it secret, with so many prying eyes, I find it difficult to believe that no one has captured an image of the two together. I believe that any secrets are apt to come to light, one way or another. And this is one secret many people want to confirm. Let’s say that their circle of friends need to keep it secret. Okay. However, you have fans who want to dig out each private information stars want to hide. Paparazzi are probably waiting to capture such a scoop. Something should have surfaced already. As it is, nothing has.

It seems that YunJae love may have already faded. And the two have matured and moved on. Perhaps their YunJae shippers should also mourn it and let go. The thing is, no romance is forever. From the moment we figure out we love, we also count down to when we say goodbye to that love. Life happens in between. Obstacles sometimes doesn’t allow for something as fragile as love to grow and mature. Love is like a plant. It needs the necessary ingredients to blossom and grow. Their lives are demanding, with many prying eyes, many rules, many restrictions. Can a love like theirs thrive in such a wasteland? They already had so much going against them. Perhaps, they have naturally drifted apart. Perhaps their 2009 incidents have ended their relationship in such an ugly way. Whatever it was, I think it is finished. Love does not necessarily go on forever. Like all things, even love ends.

If they are still together, good for them. But the overall message is that is finished. They have gone to great lengths to keep that part of their life extremely secret if they are together. Let’s leave them to it. Unless they come out of some hotel holding hands and someone takes a picture, I’d say it’s done.

***Photos on this post belong to their respective photographers. Sorry, they are not mine.

Obviously Gay? YunJae


I just came in from reading a thread somewhere in this huge place called the internet. The focus was on how obvious Jung Yunho (of TVXQ fame) was at being gay. The debate was whether he shows obvious signs. People were saying he is flamboyant, etc. His name is linked to G-Dragon and others. And of course, there’s Kim Jaejoong. The thread went on to talk about the obviousness of a lot of KPop artists being gay or lesbian.

I have not ever seen evidence of any obvious gayness when it comes to Jung Yunho. What I have seen is his obvious affection for Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong’s personality seems to invite protection from someone stronger. Although he seems plenty strong. (All those muscles!) Nothing about Kim Jaejoong’s actions seem obviously gay to me either.

The problem really isn’t about being obvious. It is the stereotypical way that people perceive what are gay and lesbian attitudes. Not all people who like men are effeminate. Not all people who like women are all masculine. In the world of KPop, can we be sure? We really shouldn’t look at people like Jung Yunho (who shows affection for the male of the species) and label him gay because nothing about Jung Yunho screams GAY. When he was with Kim Jaejoong, he looked like a man looking at the object of his affection. And coincidentally, when Kim Jaejoong was with Jung Yunho, he looked like a boy absorbed in the wonder of another human being’s obvious affection for him. We all get like that, no matter what label we put on ourselves. We bask in the glory of other people’s affections and attentions. I’m sure I look a bit like Jung Yunho when I look at Jaejoongie’s smiling face. And no one has said I was/am gay.

They do not have to be gay to like each other!

***The photos on this post does not belong to me. It is the photographers’ photo I copied from the internet.

KPop and me – Big Bang


My forays into KPop eventually led me to Big Bang. There were others between CNBLUE and Big Bang, but they are a whole other article. Big Bang needs one on their own because they are pretty big. Within the group, there are three big personalities and talents. Perhaps you will notice that in my forays into KPOP, I most often than not go for their stories first. The talent comes second.

I had really just recently discovered Big Bang. I am very very new to the world of KPop. So they may have been around for a long time, but I’ve only recently gotten to them.

Before I discovered them, I had gone through a few other groups. I thought Ok Taecyeon was the best Korea had to offer as a rapper. Then TOP, Choi Seung Hyun, appeared on my YouTube screen. The movie was 19. Seungri was also in it. LOVESONG was the first song I bought that was from Big Bang. How I wish TOP would SING more! That deep voice is addicting!

Then I discovered a picture of G-Dragon and TOP from their GD & TOP promotions. A picture of G-Dragon with plants crowning his fair head sealed the deal. I had found the fae Puck and his father, Lord Oberon. To this day, Puck Robin Goodfellow…er… G-Dragon graces my iPod Touch’s screen. I haven’t found anyone so… fae or fair of face. Surely this boy is a fairy prince! Huh, that is, until you see his twin. Kwon Ji Yong and Dong Yong Bae are probably twin souls separated at their birth. Whatever the case maybe, they are extremely close friends. I am certainly envious! Especially in light of their extreme talents. Not to mention their fair faces. If someone had said that these two were Lord Oberon’s sons, I would not doubt it.

That’s it! Oh, wait… There is Daesung and Seungri as well. In my mind, Daesung can sing, but his voice isn’t…well, not what I’m looking for. Seungri can dance and sing, but cannot compete with the other three. For me, the last two seem to be the comedic relief in an otherwise so talented, so serious group. For this reason, they fit into the group. I think their best attributes for the group was to make them accessible.

If I was to meet the group on the street, I think that Seungri would be the most approachable. Daesung is second, Taeyang third, G-Dragon fourth and TOP last.  TOP is the most intimidating, I think, to approach. Although, I think that once you do get to know him, he’d be the most fun.

In terms of looks, G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Seungri, then Daesung. GD just has that certain je ne sais quoi. He is very pretty. Seungri could indeed be likened to GD or TOP, but he has yet to grow into the confidence the other three carry.  As of this writing, I had a chance to look at his song GOTTA TALK TO YOU. The imagery portrayed seemed like a man about to seduce a woman. Especially with the rather awkward ‘…hustling, hustling, hustling…’ and the fist pump… for such a  sweet sounding song, those words and that action makes it more… adult in nature. Unfortunately, Seungri somehow made it feel sleazy instead of seductive. Rather like a teenager looking to get laid, instead of a debonair man seducing a very beautiful woman.

Of their collective discography, I have since added LIES, CROOKED, NARAM BARABWA (though I am just a bit angry at the lyrics, because if it was a girl singing this to a guy, the guy would probably say, ah, hell no! But because it is Taeyang… It works because of their jobs, you know.), WEDDING DRESS, GOTTA TALK TO YOU (the hustling part sets my teeth on edge, but everything else is okay to listen to. Don’t watch it with the video.), HARU HARU, HEAVEN, DON’T GO HOME, HIGH HIGH, OOAK, HEARTBREAKER.

I will continue to discover more of their discography as time passes. And yes, the list isn’t their complete discography. I only listen to the ones I like.

KPOP and me – CNBLUE


As I have said, my first discovery of KPop began with Jung Yong Hwa and CNBLUE. Since I am forbidden to claim him personally, the rest of the four was fair game. In my family, someone else laid claim. However, their songs were free for all. It also doesn’t mean I couldn’t talk about them all, rate them all, nor admire Jung Yong Hwa’s apparent genius.

So, in CNBLUE, I will not deny Jung Yong Hwa’s skills as their lead vocalist and their leader. His compositions as well are quite nice. Their first albums were…well, not too good, in my opinion. But there are a few that I couldn’t turn away from. TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN for example when Kang Min Hyuk sings.  That became one of my songs on my playlist on YouTube. ARIGATOU, IMAGINE, I WILL FORGET YOU… just a few that I liked. I also liked the Korean version of ARIGATOU. It’s too bad that iTunes didn’t put out their Japanese songs and it still frustrates me that I can’t buy them. Ah, well. YouTube is my friend. 🙂 I have since added STAR, BECAUSE I MISS YOU, ME MORE THAN YOU, LOVE GIRL… I became addicted to Lee Jong Hyun’s LOVE FOLLOWS THE RAIN. It was first called ECLIPSE in the Japanese album, but the lyrics in Korean was incredibly poetic (thank you, translators!). The English lyrics almost had that smooth poetic bend, but didn’t quite make it. It still had the reserve of a young child. But LOVE FOLLOWS THE RAIN was from a man. And Lee Jong Hyun’s voice had the right timber for it. It was like listening to rain drops on water. I fell in love with their CEO’s soul then. Here was another poet.

Jung Yong Hwa came out with BECAUSE I MISS YOU. And his voice blew me away. It’s better to watch him on YouTube since you get to see his expression. His face is very expressive! He conveys the emotions through his face. It is quite lovely to see. Lee Jong Hyun and Jung Yong Hwa sang a cover of WHEREVER YOU WILL GO by The Calling. Jung Yong Hwa has unforgettable eyes! And the parts they sang, ah, these two are very good together. They complement each other’s voice.

With that drama, Kang Min Hyuk brought STAR to the table. Kang Min Hyuk’s voice is nice and light. He brings the brightness into this song. It’s perfect for him. I hope to hear more from this boy. Now Kang Min Hyuk is my ideal. Personality wise, I think he and I would understand each other. Rather like best friends, or siblings, or parent and child. So, I’m watching him closely to see him reach his potential. Among the four, I think Kang Min Hyuk is by far the most fascinating to watch. He is also very handsome. It’s too bad that the world is catching on to what I have seen. My little boy is growing up.

My bias will become more apparent. 😛

Recently, they came out with BLIND LOVE and ONE MORE TIME. But I’m currently addicted to STARLIT NIGHT. Yes, I know. Lee Jong Hyun was the composer and lyricist. His blossoming skill at the manipulation of the English language into something evocative amazes me. (His Korean composition for the drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, MY LOVE, was very nice.) Now, the English isn’t perfect. But it works close enough to paint the picture. And it’s a very nice picture. One I hope to take one day. (In my mind’s eye, I saw the night skies of Hawaii with the stars dripping like jewels into the ocean. Or the twinkling of the many stars above Yosemite on the hike to Half Dome.) However, one thought entered my mind. “Who did he compose it for?” I’m not sure I want to know the answer.

Another note on Lee Jong Hyun, he is usually depicted with his eyes closed while singing. So on the rarity that he is captured with his eyes on the camera, you can almost see whatever emotions he has tried to hide from the world. I like his dimples. He fascinates me, probably because he is so secretive. He seems selective about what he shows out to the world. A daring man in the over-exposed world of KPop idols. He rather reminds me of Keanu Reeves.

I find myself waiting for their next installment. I’m also waiting for Lee Jung Shin to prove his ingenuity. I’m waiting for their baby to grow up and catch up to his three very talented hyungs.

P.S. At the time of this article, Lee Jong Hyun had collaborated with Juniel on an album. I had not seen it YET. I will soon. 🙂

K-Pop and me

Korea wasn’t an entirely new country to me. Having lived in an East Coast state, I was introduced to many Korean foods. One that I especially liked was the seasoned seaweed. So when I got back to the West Coast, this was something I really wanted badly. I would travel two hours just to get packets of this delicacy. So delicious with hot steamed rice. And with drops of sriracha! Oh, divine!

The library yielded recipes for my sesame spinach. As well as stories about Korean grandmothers. But life happens quickly and often things go as if like a river flowing along. Then Korean restaurants popped up where I live. Yum! Kimchee and bulgogi and …. anyway….
The internet brought anime direct from Japan. And with it I discovered K-drama. And discovered Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE. And from there, everyone followed suit. To this day, CNBLUE is still my top group that I listen to.